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We have 20 years history to focus on color management with our own R&D team and support OEM & ODM with fast delivery time & best service.We concentrate on product quality and technology improvement, and provide considerate service.

No matter how many you order, we assure that we can meet your requirement, even some special demands. The more you order, the more discounts you will get.

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TILO's industry-leading light booth solutions can replicate almost any lighting environment, and can be customized to fit the needs of job and production process.

We are the professional manufacturer and biggest supplier of Standard light source and lighting box China.

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Strictly observe the ISO production process (Good quality = standard production + strict control).

Strictly follow safety and environmental protection standards. After 13 processes, each process is strictly controlled.

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3NH company offers the best customer service for our customers. We try our best to meet your requirements. Any information you need, we will send you at the first time.

Partnering with internationaly trusted logistic service providers such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, EMS, TNT etc, as well as sea transportation around the world. A variety of shipping methods provides more conveinient delivery option for every customer.

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Shenzhen ThreeNH Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise. We research, develop, produce and market photoelectric detection products in photoelectric detection technology field and color management field.After years of intensice research, 3nh has launched NS series spectrophotometer and NH, NR series colorimeter, ISO12233 resolution test chart, optical image test solution and specific standard illuminant which arewidely used in plastic, electronic, paint, ink, textile, garment, printing and dyeing, food, medical, cosmetic, optical image test industries and the field of scientific research, school and laboratory. Our products are exported around the world. We can provide customization service which has been well received by customers. 3nh cherishes talents, focuses on talents. Company brings together many of high-level, high educated professionals. Among them, undergraduate academic...
     The evaluation and analysis of color in industrial production is very important. In order to ensure the accuracy of color evaluation, professional color light box and color difference meter are needed. These color detection and analysis instruments can accurately obtain color values and avoid visual observation errors. Large and influential factors, such as printing, cosmetics, textiles, automotive, food and other industries have a wide range of applications.
      The reasons for inaccurate color detection mainly include differences in light source, background difference, direction difference, observer difference, and size. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain specific conditions for observing the appearance color of the product. A color detection device is a device that provides a constant color measurement environment. For example, the standard light source can provide a stable light source and observation angle for color detection. The more accurate instrument of color difference meter can measure and display the data result by directly simulating the human eye.
      Therefore, the use of color detection instruments is a necessary part of the industrial production plant, which can reduce many unnecessary losses, and colleagues can improve the production efficiency of the enterprise.
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Our company's new desktop spectrophotometer is available Our company's new desktop spectrophotometer is available
Model YS6010 Desktop Color Spectrophotometer Optical Geometry Reflect: di:8, de:8(diffused illumination, 8-degree viewing angle) ; SCI (specular component includ...
What is a colorimeter? What is a colorimeter?
A colorimeter is a light-sensitive instrument that measures how much color is absorbed by an object or substance. It determines color based on the red, blue, and...
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