How to use a spectrophotometer measure solid colors? How to use a spectrophotometer measure solid colors?
As we all know, there are ten million colors that we can distinguish. The quality criterion coloris becoming more and more important in every industry. Uniform color influence customers likes and dislikes. This is of particular important wh...
Colorimeters Versus Spectrophotometers Colorimeters Versus Spectrophotometers
Understanding the types of instruments available for measuring color is important when choosing the instrument to purchase or use for your application. The terms colorimeter and spectrophotometer cause some confusion, so their differences a...
What is a colorimeter? What is a colorimeter?
A colorimeter is a light-sensitive instrument that measures how much color is absorbed by an object or substance. It determines color based on the red, blue, and green components of light absorbed by the object or sample, much as the human...
Integrating Sphere Integrating Sphere
An Integrating sphere (also known as an Ulbricht sphere) is an optical component consisting of a hollow spherical cavity with its interior covered with a diffuse white reflective coating, with small holes for entrance and exit ports. Its re...
Color Fastness Color Fastness
Color fastness is a term used in dyeing of textile materials means resistance of color to fading, i.e. it refers to the notion of an object having color that retains its original hue without fading or running. The term is usually used in th...

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